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Which adjective do you prefer? May 18, 2007

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So to remove oneself from the dirty 3-letter word (yes you know the one…FAT!), many adjectives have been created and used as substitution:

curvy, thick, plump, chubby, voluptuous, full-figured, plus-size, big beautiful woman(BBW), zaftig, rotund, overweight, etc…

Do they all mean the same thing? Can they be used to substitute the word fat, or is fat a completely differently defined adjective on its own?

If someone is curvy, are they automatically overweight? If someone is full-figured, are they a big beautiful woman too?

Do you think these terms are universally defined and understood in the same way?

Is being “thick” being healthy, or slightly overweight, or both?

Can these terms be categorized according to different clothing sizes or weight?

Are these terms created as a way to feel better about ourselves, or deny that we’re overweight, and instead think we’re simply “healthy”?

What do YOU think??


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