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Feederism? April 23, 2008

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Thanks to the infinite online world of information, and let’s face it porn & fetish sites, Feederism has become a bit more exposed, and hence more “accepted.” Feederism, (against those beliefs who practice it, or continue to fantasize about it), IS a fetish IMHO. It’s supposed to be defined as the “consensual” weight-gaining process, in which the feeder helps to encourage packing on the pounds to the feedee, and this in turn results in their sexual excitement. Or there are those individuals who pack on the pounds on their own, and become increasingly excited with their increasing weight.

From my understanding, few actually practice this fetish. For most “feeders” it will forever remain a fantasy, and on their computer screens.

The idea of feederism disgusts me. I used to be more active in severalfattie forums, until I realized the amount of private messages asking if I’m a gainer or a feedee became beyond ridiculous. I understand people being curious, or being happy with themselves whilst gaining weight over the years…but feederism is much more than that. I find it to be disturbing, and those who practice it, or obsessively fantasize over it, have some psychological issues.

I don’t want to be looked at as a fetish, or a fly-by fantasy, or an object to be owned and manipulated to get someone “turned-on”…especially by someone who says they realized they were a feeder when they got turned on by watching Violet in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory balloon into a blueberry…I’m normally a very open-minded, to each their own, kind of person, but feeders are just as bad as those who discriminate against fat people.


A Fattie Rant…by yours truly… September 27, 2007

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Okay I’m going to go on a fattie rant here so bare with me…or don’t ..I don’t care…


But all I want to do is ask WHY?! WHY?!


Why do people have to be so discriminatory and down right HATEFUL towards fat people? What’s it worth to them to become so aggressive and angry with us?


My fat is NOT contagious…looking at me is not going to cause your body to balloon into the size of a whale causing you infinite misery with yourself. This I promise.


My being fat does NOT affect your life. It does not cause you financial distress, for your significant other to break up with you, or even your car to break down. The negative experiences in your life are not a result of my fat.


My happiness and fortunate life is NOT a result of my being fat. It’s a result of what I’ve worked hard for, and the loved ones I surround myself with. So don’t you dare tell me I don’t deserve my nice house, or my nice car, or my hot boyfriend, with the lame ass excuse of me being a fattie.


You can wonder all you want as to why I “allow” myself to be fat…I’m lazy, I’m disgusting, I’m low-class, I lack discipline…I don’t give a fuck what excuses you derive. Why? Because it’s NOT your concern, and AGAIN my fat does NOT affect you in anyway! AND IT NEVER WILL!


I’m not your therapy for your miserable pathetic life that you’ve caused for yourself, so stop acting like I am! This means stop judging me, stop determining what I do or don’t deserve, and stop telling me I’m a horrid person for being FAT. This is NOT going to improve your life, and this is NOT going to make you a better person. So stop. Seriously just fucking shut up.


Eat light yogurt, and you’re sure to find a man! July 3, 2007

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In case you haven’t come across the uproar that’s quickly spreading on the internet, here’s a recap.

Itambé fit light yogurt has an ad campaign featuring plus-sized models posed for re-creating famous moments in movie history previously portrayed by thin actresses.





So what’s the big deal? The Brazalian caption reads, “Forget about it! Men’s preference will never change. Fit Light Yogurt.”

Oh where to begin! First of all, I can’t imagine being one of these models, allowing a yogurt company to humiliate me and insult my body nationally.

Second of all, hopefully we all know, that men’s preferences DO vary, and there are men who can find women of all sizes attractive, and of course those who exclusively find larger women attractive…But honestly, I’m not really suprised by seeing an ad like this, particularly in Brazil. Many women struggle with their self-image, and allow that part of themselves to be the most influenced by OTHERS’ views and rules of society. Hence, the ad probably is going to result in the sales it’s after. And as Brazil has been dubbed the most “plastic-surgery addicted” place in the world, it’s no surprise that it’s hosting an ad such as this.

But beyond the weight issue, I want to tackle ANOTHER issue. The ad is telling us, that we as women should behave, eat, and look, how MEN want us to! It’s unbeleivably sexist and based on very (or so I thought!) old-fashioned ideals. Don’t you dare tell me that I need to base my self-esteem on the acceptance or lack their of, I receive from men, or I need to be skinny and beautiful for the sake of MEN! For God sakes, it’s digusting!


I need YOUR help! June 29, 2007

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Please message me here, or post as a comment (it comes to me first before seen by the public!), a song about the Fat Woman….i.e. “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen, or “Fat” by Weird Al…and yes, they can be serious, they can be parodies, and they can be from ANY genre of music.

Thanks guys!

P.S. I apologize for the lack of updating, but life gets busy every now and again. And PLEASE PLEASE, become more active, share opinions, leave comments, message me with suggestions and criticism. This is for YOU :).


Which adjective do you prefer? May 18, 2007

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So to remove oneself from the dirty 3-letter word (yes you know the one…FAT!), many adjectives have been created and used as substitution:

curvy, thick, plump, chubby, voluptuous, full-figured, plus-size, big beautiful woman(BBW), zaftig, rotund, overweight, etc…

Do they all mean the same thing? Can they be used to substitute the word fat, or is fat a completely differently defined adjective on its own?

If someone is curvy, are they automatically overweight? If someone is full-figured, are they a big beautiful woman too?

Do you think these terms are universally defined and understood in the same way?

Is being “thick” being healthy, or slightly overweight, or both?

Can these terms be categorized according to different clothing sizes or weight?

Are these terms created as a way to feel better about ourselves, or deny that we’re overweight, and instead think we’re simply “healthy”?

What do YOU think??