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The Beauty Curve May 25, 2007

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The Beauty Curve




This is a great site with collections and descriptions for various online art and photography sites which include that of plus-sized women. Some of the links are broken, but it’s worth visiting!


Les Toil! May 23, 2007

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If you’re not familiar with Les Toil, you should be! Allene “Danger” Rohrera is a wonderful artist celebrating the beauty larger women possess in “pin-up” style. His gallery includes portraits of REAL women and expresses not only their physical characteristics, but also their personality, their fantasies, and who they are.

And you can be a Toil Girl too! You submit several photos to the artist (incuding face shots and body shots from different angles) and you  are to conceive the theme for the art since it is supposed to reflect your “body and soul”,  fantasies, desires, and interests.

The fee ranges from $395-$495, and you receive the original pen & ink artwork signed by Mr. Toil himself, an 8 1/2″ x 11″ reproduced portrait, a CD including a .jpg version of your portrait, and official certification.

NO woman has regretted becoming a Toil Girl. I’ve been wanting to be one for a few years now, and still hope to be one in the near future when funds will finally allow for it.



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The following links provide galleries of beautiful photography surrounding the plus-sized woman. They’re very artistic, but some may be interpreted as erotic.

Rubens Art

is a German website with many beautiful galleries, and is on the erotic side.


Women En Large


A gallery by photographer Laurie Toby Edison (and includes nudes). The 41 pictures gallery is available in print. The book also includes text by Debbie Notkin and discusses issues of fat opression and fat celebration.


Full Body Project

In case you haven’t heard yet, the famed Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy is also a photographer. He admits to having a particular love for larger women and has put together a gallery of beautiful nudes.



Made To Measure

Photography by Les Delano…an interesting collection of photos in which every model displays their body measurements on a white tank top. The women vary in height and weight, and express their acceptance of themselves.


BBW Singles May 20, 2007

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BBW Singles


BBW singles is yet another dating site for Big Beautiful Women, and Big Handsome Men, and those who admire either group.


When you sign up, I strongly urge you to take advantage of their 24 hour free trial, complete your profile as soon as you can, and begin searching for matches. They don’t have the largest amount of members, so it’s ideal to check out if there are a decent amount of members you may find interest in.


Once the free trial is over (of only one day, which isn’t the best free trial out there, but they do NOT require a credit card which is a plus), you can not access the features of the site at all, unless you subscribe. Seems like a big push into signing up, but the good news is, they have more affordable subscription rates than several other bbw sites.


$14.95  month-to-month

$29.99 for 3 months


Bombshell Magazine

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Bombshell Magazine- The Curvy Chick Magazine


Bombshell Magazine is an online and print magazine for the plus-sized woman.  They have articles on Health & Beauty, Style & Fashion, Love & Romance, Home & Living, and People & Entertainment. Their new issues come out once every 2 months, (like most plus-size magazines seem to…that needs to change).


They also offer “Bombshell Girl” for younger curvy chicks, and even have a “Bombshell Bride” issue.


I’ve been able to find Bombshell in Books-A-Million, and one particular grocery store, so it may not be too hard to come by, so keep an eye out for it. You can of course also obtained a subscription on the site.




Curvy Chick Community

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Curvy Chick


Curvy Chick, started out as a resource for aspiring Plus-Size models, but to my surprise, it’s grown into much more than that…

Curvy chick is similar to that of a myspace community, and you are required to register to benefit from the site.


You create your own profile page, add photos, write blogs, add friends, receive/write messages, leave comments, etc. You can join groups, including for mothers, fashion, cooking, living healthy, by location, and many more.


They also have some extras myspace doesn’t have. Including a “Marketplace” where you can sell items to other members. There’s a Blog link, in which you see the most recently posted blogs from anyone’s profile…so it seems it’s a very OPEN community, lol.


Check it out, and have fun!


Fit and Fat? May 19, 2007

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Fit and Fat?
By Lacey Rose and Leah Hoffmann  

For the past couple years, the headlines have been screaming about an American obesity “epidemic.” According to some studies, fully one-third of the U.S. population is clinically obese. And, at any given time, anywhere from 15 to 35 % of Americans are trying to lose weight.

Do they need to be?

Yes, say the majority of specialists. After all, being overweight has been linked to a host of illnesses from heart disease to hypertension. But a vocal fringe of nutritionists and doctors are beginning to question this conventional wisdom. According to them, it is possible to be both fat and fit.

Take Joanne Ikeda, a nutritionist at the University of California at Berkeley, “It’s not about how we can help people lose weight; it’s about how we can help them be healthier.” Despite popular diets’ one-size-fits-all claims, she says there is not one single way to be healthy.

And Paul Campos, law professor at the University of Colorado and author of The Obesity Myth, agrees. “What a healthy weight is for you as an individual has little or nothing to do with what a healthy weight is for anybody else,” he explains. “Within a very broad range, a healthy weight is the weight that a particular individual maintains while living a healthy life.”

“Fat activist” (yes, there are such folks) Marylin Wann adds, “[Even] if everyone ate nothing but boneless, skinless chicken breasts and brown rice and exercised an hour a day, people would still have different shapes and sizes.”

These chubby cheerleaders say there is solid science backing up their claims. They point to a 1999 study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which followed almost 22,000 men for an average of eight years to assess risk factors that predispose individuals to an early death.

“Lean unfit people actually had a higher risk of death than the “overfat” physically fit people,” says Dr. Andrew Jackson, professor at the University of Houston and one of the study’s authors.