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The Inspiration of Nancy Hayssen October 13, 2007

Sexy plus-size model Nancy Hayssen is responding to the recent anti-anorexic billboard and campaign from the No-Lita fashion company:


Nancy (seen below) is going to be the star of a campaign all about the beauty and acceptance of women of size.


What makes this campaign so unique, is Nancy is appearing nude and in similar positions of the anorexic model for No-Lita. Unfortunately, I’m unable to locate any of the photos from the shoot for the campaign, but if you DVR’d The Insider tonight, you’ll be lucky enough to sneak a peak!

You can learn more about Nancy, and her inspiring book titled “You Can Be Sexy at Any Size!” at her official site shown here.


IGIGI Clothing, and my Garment Review October 11, 2007

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I was recently reached by the Marketing Director of IGIGI (http://www.igigi.com) , asking if I’d like to volunteer to write a garment review for them. I of course jumped at the chance! I mean what girl doesn’t enjoy trying on new clothes to “pretend model” in the mirror? And not to mention, my confession…I have never purchased anything from their online store, and this was the perfect chance for me to try them out!

Now mind you, I’ve always admired their clothing, and appreciated their fashion sense for the plus size woman. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, just because we carry around more weight, doesn’t mean we care less about how we look and are willing to accept a Mumu as a fashion statement for the plus sized gal!

So today the garment arrived. I chose the Vivianne Cowl Top, in red, as seen here.The description for the top on the site reads: “High fashion meets street-wise style! This top is so comfortable you could spend hours in it and so stylish you will want to dance in it.”

And let me be honest, I agree with above said statement. It’s a nice fashionable top, and beautifully comfortable. I could definitely wear this at the office all day, and feel just as comfortable as if I was wearing a cotton t-shirt.

Now I’m no model, which means I don’t have a perfectly proportioned, smooth, and curvy body. I have my share of flaws, and lumps, and rolls to boot! But this top seemed to be made for me. It flattered my GOOD curvy assets, and admittingly to my surprise, doesn’t cling too much! The stitching appears to be of top quality, for the garment to last the years to come.

The only thing that turned me off, was the fact that it must be HAND washed…but I suppose that’s a small price to pay for style, comfort, and long-lasting quality.

And yeah yeah…I took a pic of myself in it…I was against showing any pictures of me on this blog, so as to keep my anonymity, but I found a way around it ;)…and again, I’m no model!!


Another thing I’d like to mention, IGIGI offers a great feature on their site, that helps identify what body shape you are. This comes in handy b/c for each garment they have for sale, they tell you which body shape it flatters best. Also, they offer a size chart for EACH garment, b/c we all know there’s really no such thing as standard or consistent sizes. They obviously are striving to make us big gals even more beautiful!

And how cool is this? They provided me a coupon to offer on my blog for all my readers! ENJOY!!




Don’t forget Torrid! October 6, 2007

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Right now TORRID is having their 50% off already clearanced items sale now through 10/8 online and in stores. You may also be interested in checking the 2007 Torrid Model Search!


 And if that wasn’t cool enough for you, Torrid has teamed up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You can make a direct donation through Torrid to the NBCF, or check out their Pink Ribbon Boutique, and purchase an item that shows off your support to the NBCF, where 20% of the purchase price will be donated!


Love Your Body Day!! September 29, 2007

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The NOW Foundation’s Women’s Health Project launched the Love Your Body campaign in Sept. 1998 as a national day of action to speak out against advertisements and images of women that are harmful, offensive, disrespectful and demeaning. Each year, on Love Your Body Day, activists around the country say “no” to twisted beauty standards and hazardous advertisements by holding rallies, pickets, house parties, classroom discussions and more.

Specific to the Hollywood Chapter, our focus in purpose is to address and serve the needs, issues, and concerns of women in Hollywood – both geographic and entertainment industry.  We’re working to redefine the image of women in Hollywood, and we recognize real beauty as healthy bodies – inside and out.


A Fattie Rant…by yours truly… September 27, 2007

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Okay I’m going to go on a fattie rant here so bare with me…or don’t ..I don’t care…


But all I want to do is ask WHY?! WHY?!


Why do people have to be so discriminatory and down right HATEFUL towards fat people? What’s it worth to them to become so aggressive and angry with us?


My fat is NOT contagious…looking at me is not going to cause your body to balloon into the size of a whale causing you infinite misery with yourself. This I promise.


My being fat does NOT affect your life. It does not cause you financial distress, for your significant other to break up with you, or even your car to break down. The negative experiences in your life are not a result of my fat.


My happiness and fortunate life is NOT a result of my being fat. It’s a result of what I’ve worked hard for, and the loved ones I surround myself with. So don’t you dare tell me I don’t deserve my nice house, or my nice car, or my hot boyfriend, with the lame ass excuse of me being a fattie.


You can wonder all you want as to why I “allow” myself to be fat…I’m lazy, I’m disgusting, I’m low-class, I lack discipline…I don’t give a fuck what excuses you derive. Why? Because it’s NOT your concern, and AGAIN my fat does NOT affect you in anyway! AND IT NEVER WILL!


I’m not your therapy for your miserable pathetic life that you’ve caused for yourself, so stop acting like I am! This means stop judging me, stop determining what I do or don’t deserve, and stop telling me I’m a horrid person for being FAT. This is NOT going to improve your life, and this is NOT going to make you a better person. So stop. Seriously just fucking shut up.


The more you weigh, the less you’re paid! August 29, 2007

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The more you weigh, could result in the less you’re paid. And it’s legal.


Many companies are trying to cut costs, especially with health insurance and benefits offered to their employees.  The idea is, the larger you are, the more money you’re going to cost the company, because you’re more likely to be unhealthy, and hence claim more health insurance than your skinny co-worker in the next cubicle.

And now companies are determined to be one step ahead of you. Instead of suffering the inevitable consequences of your poor health and doctor bills (*sarcasm*), companies are collecting $10-$50 from each paycheck! Oh, it gets even better…their basis in determining who has to pay the fat tax? The proven to be ineffective BMI scale, (which was developed by insurance agencies, not doctors, by the way)!

But alas! The companies offer the fatties good news! As our BMI’s decrease, so does our fat tax, but don’t be fooled! If our BMI increases, so does the fat tax.

Is this some kind of government conspiracy to encourage the obese to lose fat, to in turn, gain fatter paychecks, and to overcome the “obesity epidemic”?

Should this be legal? Is this discrimination, or is this justified when viewing the best interests of your company, and the insurance companies? How would you feel having to log your BMI for your employer,when losing or gaining weight? The same thing is happening with smokers. In fact it’s completely legal to not hire someone based solely that they’re a smoker. This is the same idea…smokers are beleived to have more health problems, and hence will cost the company more money. Would you beleive this is justified for smokers? What’s the differene between it being right or wrong for an overweight group, and a smoker’s group?


Fit and Fat? May 19, 2007

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Fit and Fat?
By Lacey Rose and Leah Hoffmann  

For the past couple years, the headlines have been screaming about an American obesity “epidemic.” According to some studies, fully one-third of the U.S. population is clinically obese. And, at any given time, anywhere from 15 to 35 % of Americans are trying to lose weight.

Do they need to be?

Yes, say the majority of specialists. After all, being overweight has been linked to a host of illnesses from heart disease to hypertension. But a vocal fringe of nutritionists and doctors are beginning to question this conventional wisdom. According to them, it is possible to be both fat and fit.

Take Joanne Ikeda, a nutritionist at the University of California at Berkeley, “It’s not about how we can help people lose weight; it’s about how we can help them be healthier.” Despite popular diets’ one-size-fits-all claims, she says there is not one single way to be healthy.

And Paul Campos, law professor at the University of Colorado and author of The Obesity Myth, agrees. “What a healthy weight is for you as an individual has little or nothing to do with what a healthy weight is for anybody else,” he explains. “Within a very broad range, a healthy weight is the weight that a particular individual maintains while living a healthy life.”

“Fat activist” (yes, there are such folks) Marylin Wann adds, “[Even] if everyone ate nothing but boneless, skinless chicken breasts and brown rice and exercised an hour a day, people would still have different shapes and sizes.”

These chubby cheerleaders say there is solid science backing up their claims. They point to a 1999 study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which followed almost 22,000 men for an average of eight years to assess risk factors that predispose individuals to an early death.

“Lean unfit people actually had a higher risk of death than the “overfat” physically fit people,” says Dr. Andrew Jackson, professor at the University of Houston and one of the study’s authors.