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BBW Singles May 20, 2007

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BBW Singles


BBW singles is yet another dating site for Big Beautiful Women, and Big Handsome Men, and those who admire either group.


When you sign up, I strongly urge you to take advantage of their 24 hour free trial, complete your profile as soon as you can, and begin searching for matches. They don’t have the largest amount of members, so it’s ideal to check out if there are a decent amount of members you may find interest in.


Once the free trial is over (of only one day, which isn’t the best free trial out there, but they do NOT require a credit card which is a plus), you can not access the features of the site at all, unless you subscribe. Seems like a big push into signing up, but the good news is, they have more affordable subscription rates than several other bbw sites.


$14.95  month-to-month

$29.99 for 3 months


BBW Datefinder May 18, 2007

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 BBW Datefinder

BBW Datefinder is another dating site exclusively for those who are or admire overweight women. It’s one of the largest BBW Dating Sites, and apart of one of the largest dating networks (that being Tangowire…this means tangowire hosts several hundred different dating sites, and members have a choice of searching members of the specific dating site they joined, or ALL members of the entire Tangowire network.)

It’s free to join, and with that you can create a full profile, search for matches, post 5 photos, and send smiles to other members. A BIG advantage of this site, is that even if you are NOT a paying member, IF a paying member messages you, you are able to read what they wrote AND reply for FREE. Most other sites, you aren’t even able to open the message, unless you’re a paying member.

However with a big advantage comes a BIG disadvantage. And that is the search feature on the site. There is no such thing as an advanced search. You can only choose from a range of ages, the sex, and the STATE in which they live. And then, the results always max to 50 pages, regardless of how many members actually fit the search criteria. In addition, they don’t even organize the Newly joined members to the beginning of the search. So each time you search, you have to sift through all 50 pages of results.

It’s a basic site, with no extra features such as IM, or message boards.

Another disadvantage is they do NOT offer a month-to-month membership.

Membership fees are as follows:

3 Months, $49.95

6 Months, $69.95

1 Year, $99.95

They do NOT automatically renew your membership, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected or unauthorized charges to your credit card.


BBW Personals Plus

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BBW Personals Plus is a dating site created for overweight women, overweight men, and those who admire/have a preference for overweight persons of the opposite sex. The site is loaded with features including message boards, chat rooms, IMs, cards, smiles, e-mails, etc. It is one of the largest BBW dating sites with a large and expanding number of members. It takes a little bit of getting used to taking advantage of their technology savvy features, especially since recently they seem to be always changing and improving certain features.

Joining is FREE, in which you are able to fill out a full profile, list 8 photos, complete advanced searches, send smiles, send cards, accept smiles, accept cards, and use the inclusive instant messaging system. As a paying member, you are able to write and receive private messages to eachother, join the chat rooms, and post on the message boards.

Membership fees:

1 Month, $24.99

3 Months, $49.99, if you renew month-to-month, AFTER the 3 Month Subscription it’s only $16.99/month

6 Months, $79.99 , if you renew month-to-month, AFTER the 6 Month Subscription it’s only $13.99/month

There is Automatic Renewal available.

I recommend, joining for free, and completing some searches for potential matches in your area before deciding to pay for a membership. I am a member of the site, and aside from trying to find a match, it’s worth it to me with the friends I’ve made with other female members, talking in the chat room, and using the message board. I enjoy it very much!