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The Inspiration of Nancy Hayssen October 13, 2007

Sexy plus-size model Nancy Hayssen is responding to the recent anti-anorexic billboard and campaign from the No-Lita fashion company:


Nancy (seen below) is going to be the star of a campaign all about the beauty and acceptance of women of size.


What makes this campaign so unique, is Nancy is appearing nude and in similar positions of the anorexic model for No-Lita. Unfortunately, I’m unable to locate any of the photos from the shoot for the campaign, but if you DVR’d The Insider tonight, you’ll be lucky enough to sneak a peak!

You can learn more about Nancy, and her inspiring book titled “You Can Be Sexy at Any Size!” at her official site shown here.


IGIGI Clothing, and my Garment Review October 11, 2007

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I was recently reached by the Marketing Director of IGIGI (http://www.igigi.com) , asking if I’d like to volunteer to write a garment review for them. I of course jumped at the chance! I mean what girl doesn’t enjoy trying on new clothes to “pretend model” in the mirror? And not to mention, my confession…I have never purchased anything from their online store, and this was the perfect chance for me to try them out!

Now mind you, I’ve always admired their clothing, and appreciated their fashion sense for the plus size woman. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, just because we carry around more weight, doesn’t mean we care less about how we look and are willing to accept a Mumu as a fashion statement for the plus sized gal!

So today the garment arrived. I chose the Vivianne Cowl Top, in red, as seen here.The description for the top on the site reads: “High fashion meets street-wise style! This top is so comfortable you could spend hours in it and so stylish you will want to dance in it.”

And let me be honest, I agree with above said statement. It’s a nice fashionable top, and beautifully comfortable. I could definitely wear this at the office all day, and feel just as comfortable as if I was wearing a cotton t-shirt.

Now I’m no model, which means I don’t have a perfectly proportioned, smooth, and curvy body. I have my share of flaws, and lumps, and rolls to boot! But this top seemed to be made for me. It flattered my GOOD curvy assets, and admittingly to my surprise, doesn’t cling too much! The stitching appears to be of top quality, for the garment to last the years to come.

The only thing that turned me off, was the fact that it must be HAND washed…but I suppose that’s a small price to pay for style, comfort, and long-lasting quality.

And yeah yeah…I took a pic of myself in it…I was against showing any pictures of me on this blog, so as to keep my anonymity, but I found a way around it ;)…and again, I’m no model!!


Another thing I’d like to mention, IGIGI offers a great feature on their site, that helps identify what body shape you are. This comes in handy b/c for each garment they have for sale, they tell you which body shape it flatters best. Also, they offer a size chart for EACH garment, b/c we all know there’s really no such thing as standard or consistent sizes. They obviously are striving to make us big gals even more beautiful!

And how cool is this? They provided me a coupon to offer on my blog for all my readers! ENJOY!!




Don’t forget Torrid! October 6, 2007

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Right now TORRID is having their 50% off already clearanced items sale now through 10/8 online and in stores. You may also be interested in checking the 2007 Torrid Model Search!


 And if that wasn’t cool enough for you, Torrid has teamed up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You can make a direct donation through Torrid to the NBCF, or check out their Pink Ribbon Boutique, and purchase an item that shows off your support to the NBCF, where 20% of the purchase price will be donated!


Plus-Size Fashions! September 30, 2007

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I think one thing we can all agree on as plus sized fashionistas, is that it’s difficult to BE fashionistas, and find fashionable and well-fitting clothes. Just because we are fatties, doesn’t mean our taste for fashion is soured, we want to dress like we’re 80 years old, or we don’t care enough to look GREAT!

This is a list of some trendy and beautiful plus-size clothing stores. Some of the links are for online-only stores, some are just previews for brick and mortar stores, and some are both. They range in affordability and sizes, in which I’ve provided summaries of that info. below.

Happy shopping!


Sizes: 14-30

Price Range: $25-$150



Sizes: 14-32


Sizes: 14-32

Price Range: $35-$80



Sizes: 14-30

Price Range: $35-$65



Sizes: 18-40 (or 1X-6X)

Price Range: $50-$90



Sizes: 10-24 ( or 1X-4X)

Price Range: $12-$20



Sizes: 1X-5X

Price Range: $12-$32



Sizes: 0-28

Price Range: $15-$35



Sizes: 14+

Price Range: $45-$250



Sizes: 1X-4X

Price Range: $30-$60



Sizes: 12-32

Price Range: $100-$200





Sizes: 1X-3X

Price Range: $20-$30



Sizes: 14-32

Price Range: $12-$40



Sizes: 14-26

Price Range: $12-$36



Sizes: 14-32

Price Range: $25-$200



Sizes: 10-28 (0X-4X)

Price Range: $30-$60



Sizes: 12+

Price Range: $48-$180



Sizes: 12-32

Price Range: $25-$80



Sizes: 14+

Price Range: $50-$220



Sizes: 14+

Price Range: $138-$300



Sizes: 10-24 (0-4)

Price Range: $29-$32



Sizes: 1X-4X

Price Range: $10-$40



Sizes: 1X-3X

Price Range: $25-$55





Sizes: 1X-3X

Price Range: $10-$30



Sizes: 14-28 (1X-4X)

Price Range: $29-$62



Sizes: 1X-5X

Price Range: $20-$50



Sizes: 12-28 (0-4)

Price Range: $24-$68



Sizes: 12-38

Price Range: $42-$190





Price Range: $30+



Sizes: L-XXXL

Price Range: $15-$40





Sizes: 10-24

Price Range: $49-$155



Sizes: 12-24

Price Range: $39-$79



Sizes: 14-36

Price Range: $12.99+



Sizes: 14-32

Price Range: £18-£55


Sizes: 12-24

Price Range: $29-$180



Sizes: 12-30

Price Range: £16-£100



Sizes: 14-22



Sizes: 14-32 (1X-5X)

Price Range: $40-$105



Sizes: 12-44

Price Range: $7-$50



Sizes: 12-28

Price Range: £49.00+


Sizes: 14W-24W

Price Range: $39+



Sizes: 12-24

Price Range: $30+



Sizes: 14-36

Price Range: $20+



Sizes: Juniors-PLUS Size Juniors

Price Range: $10+


Sizes: 14-44

Price Range: $99-$500



Plus size model hunt! The winner could be you!!

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Skorch Magazine has teamed up with an upcoming NEW plus-size fashion line through MEWV, in seeking its signature model for the line’s premiere in December. There’s NO FEE! And just for coming out, you’ll receive special discounts for their host retailer and MEWV fashion!!

The contest has already begun touring, but the remaining locations include:

Sunday, Oct. 7th from 11am to 4pm
Location: The Venue, 2808 NE MLK, Portland, OR

LOS ANGELES – Special Partnership with LOVE YOUR BODY DAY!
Sunday, Oct. 21st from Noon to 4pm
Plummer Park – Fiesta Hall
1200 N. Vista Street, West Hollywood, CA

Visit here for more details!


Vanity Sizing? July 8, 2007

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Vanity Sizing: Clothing Labels Lie!

We’re all familiar with it. At one store we wear size X in jeans, and at another store we wear 2 sizes smaller! Are we really smaller than we thought, or larger than we thought? Why can’t there be standard sizes for women? Well don’t expect that to happen anytime soon…

The competitors in the fashion industry have been making clothes larger, but marking them sizes smaller! Why? Its psychological and self-esteem benefits of the consumer, lead to monetary benefits for the seller! Wearing a size or two smaller than we expect usually causes an instant “high” that causes us to go straight to the cash register for purchase. Whereas, if we end up struggling trying on clothing that’s too small, or those that fit posess a tag with a number too high for us to swallow, our shopping experience makes us upset, depressed, and we end up buying very little, if anything at all. You know the strategy works! It’s much like the ideal that many dressing rooms are now posessing mirrors that stretch you vertically, making you appear more slender than you really are, resulting in purchases you otherwise may have not made.

More information on this article by Kristina Maury here.


Get Bitten…by Sara Jessica Parker…yum! June 8, 2007

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I’ve always adored SJP…from her wild and frizzy hair of the 80’s, to Carrie in Sex and the City. Plus it helps I adore her husband as well :). Anyways, I’ve now got an excuse to adore her even MORE!

She’s thoughtfully designed a clothing line for Steve & Barry’s stores. They target college-aged persons, and have very affordable and fashionable clothes…

And the new SJP line “Bitten” brings the same affordability and fashion. Everything, yes EVERYTHING is priced $20 or less!! This includes dresses, jeans, jackets…under $20!!! And the clothing is actually good quality. The clothing line is designed for “every woman” including plus size. They will be carrying up to size 22 (not sure of what the measurements are yet!), and SJP herself has said that size and shape has been carefully considered in the design of the clothes…for example, if one style shirt would only look good on one kind of body, it was not allowed in the clothing line.

You can see a preivew of the line here. It’s very comfortable, yet fashionable clothing, everything SJP would wear “off the red carpet.”

It’s exclusively found at Steve & Barry’s retail stores. (They do NOT offer a catalog or online store stating since they’re new, they are putting all their dedication in their retail stores.)

Happy shopping :)!