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Welcome! May 18, 2007

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Hello world, and fellow fatties. The purpose of this blog will serve for basically anything related to overweight women. This may include shopping, clothes, fattie celebrities, size acceptance, my personal experiences, and lots of reviews for fattie sites and printed material.

The easiest way to navigate, is to pay attention to the categories found listed on the right hand side.

First thing I would like to blog about is the word “Fat” itself. I use the word as a term of endearment. One thing I would like to contribute to is the re-defining of the word. We grow up learning that Fat is a “dirty” and “oh-so-naughty word.” It’s used to describe disgust, or for lashing out at someone with the intentions of hurting them. It’s used to discriminate and support stereotyping. We are forced to beleive that Fat means lazy, ugly, dirty, poor, worthless, <insert any other deragatory adjective here>…but it’s about time we reclaim the word FAT and make it reflect how beautiful we are!

I do want to state CLEARLY, that I am NOT here to support or encourage unhealthy lifestyles, or discriminate or lash out against those who are not fat. This blog is not created by, or created for, fat extremists, who want to prove they’re BETTER than those who are not overweight, or for encouraging any fetishes related to being overweight.

I already have a lot of material I look forward to sharing here with you. But I need some time to get it all pretty and neat!