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Feederism? April 23, 2008

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Thanks to the infinite online world of information, and let’s face it porn & fetish sites, Feederism has become a bit more exposed, and hence more “accepted.” Feederism, (against those beliefs who practice it, or continue to fantasize about it), IS a fetish IMHO. It’s supposed to be defined as the “consensual” weight-gaining process, in which the feeder helps to encourage packing on the pounds to the feedee, and this in turn results in their sexual excitement. Or there are those individuals who pack on the pounds on their own, and become increasingly excited with their increasing weight.

From my understanding, few actually practice this fetish. For most “feeders” it will forever remain a fantasy, and on their computer screens.

The idea of feederism disgusts me. I used to be more active in severalfattie forums, until I realized the amount of private messages asking if I’m a gainer or a feedee became beyond ridiculous. I understand people being curious, or being happy with themselves whilst gaining weight over the years…but feederism is much more than that. I find it to be disturbing, and those who practice it, or obsessively fantasize over it, have some psychological issues.

I don’t want to be looked at as a fetish, or a fly-by fantasy, or an object to be owned and manipulated to get someone “turned-on”…especially by someone who says they realized they were a feeder when they got turned on by watching Violet in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory balloon into a blueberry…I’m normally a very open-minded, to each their own, kind of person, but feeders are just as bad as those who discriminate against fat people.