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A Fattie Rant…by yours truly… September 27, 2007

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Okay I’m going to go on a fattie rant here so bare with me…or don’t ..I don’t care…


But all I want to do is ask WHY?! WHY?!


Why do people have to be so discriminatory and down right HATEFUL towards fat people? What’s it worth to them to become so aggressive and angry with us?


My fat is NOT contagious…looking at me is not going to cause your body to balloon into the size of a whale causing you infinite misery with yourself. This I promise.


My being fat does NOT affect your life. It does not cause you financial distress, for your significant other to break up with you, or even your car to break down. The negative experiences in your life are not a result of my fat.


My happiness and fortunate life is NOT a result of my being fat. It’s a result of what I’ve worked hard for, and the loved ones I surround myself with. So don’t you dare tell me I don’t deserve my nice house, or my nice car, or my hot boyfriend, with the lame ass excuse of me being a fattie.


You can wonder all you want as to why I “allow” myself to be fat…I’m lazy, I’m disgusting, I’m low-class, I lack discipline…I don’t give a fuck what excuses you derive. Why? Because it’s NOT your concern, and AGAIN my fat does NOT affect you in anyway! AND IT NEVER WILL!


I’m not your therapy for your miserable pathetic life that you’ve caused for yourself, so stop acting like I am! This means stop judging me, stop determining what I do or don’t deserve, and stop telling me I’m a horrid person for being FAT. This is NOT going to improve your life, and this is NOT going to make you a better person. So stop. Seriously just fucking shut up.


4 Responses to “A Fattie Rant…by yours truly…”

  1. Ben Says:

    Ay there,

    first of all, I agree with everything you have said here.

    My thinking and reasoning to, well I guess the insecurities that there people have is something like this, Thought out all the time man has walked and crawled on this earth, we have always put the negative on the different and minorities, and unfortunately this is what has happened with obese people.

    Granted, Now-day this is a major health epidemic in the US and also here in Aust. and something must be done about it, but…..putdowns and insults aren’t going to help the problem one bit.

    But as far as the people out there who do go off at people who are different than them (this is in general), you have to ask yourself, how insecure are you that insults towards people make you feel just that little bit higher in the never-ending food chain.

  2. Rolf Says:

    As a healthy 6’3″ male, I have nothing but respect, love and lust for all the BBWs out there. Some of the most outrageously sexy women I have ever known were BBWs. If I had a quarter for every one who made my heart pound and my head get dizzy…well, you get the picture. That being said, I love ALL women. Only morbid obesity is a turn off for me, but I am more concerned for that person’s health and happiness than I am about their actual physical appearance.

  3. GRRRRR Says:

    i was walking across the street to work today and some black dude in a hooptie yellled at me ” damn you so lazy Whatcha doin big girl breakin a sweat”

  4. mally Says:

    hi there!
    i stumbled upon this site looking for a plus size pin up. i have to say this site is wonderful. i’ve been a big girl all my life and im finally love me. regardless of who i am and what i look like i love myself and that is all that matters. my family loves me, my hubby loves me. i can’t stop people from being ignorant and childish, but i can teach and inform the ones i love and know that its wrong and it hurts @ time.

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