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The more you weigh, the less you’re paid! August 29, 2007

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The more you weigh, could result in the less you’re paid. And it’s legal.


Many companies are trying to cut costs, especially with health insurance and benefits offered to their employees.  The idea is, the larger you are, the more money you’re going to cost the company, because you’re more likely to be unhealthy, and hence claim more health insurance than your skinny co-worker in the next cubicle.

And now companies are determined to be one step ahead of you. Instead of suffering the inevitable consequences of your poor health and doctor bills (*sarcasm*), companies are collecting $10-$50 from each paycheck! Oh, it gets even better…their basis in determining who has to pay the fat tax? The proven to be ineffective BMI scale, (which was developed by insurance agencies, not doctors, by the way)!

But alas! The companies offer the fatties good news! As our BMI’s decrease, so does our fat tax, but don’t be fooled! If our BMI increases, so does the fat tax.

Is this some kind of government conspiracy to encourage the obese to lose fat, to in turn, gain fatter paychecks, and to overcome the “obesity epidemic”?

Should this be legal? Is this discrimination, or is this justified when viewing the best interests of your company, and the insurance companies? How would you feel having to log your BMI for your employer,when losing or gaining weight? The same thing is happening with smokers. In fact it’s completely legal to not hire someone based solely that they’re a smoker. This is the same idea…smokers are beleived to have more health problems, and hence will cost the company more money. Would you beleive this is justified for smokers? What’s the differene between it being right or wrong for an overweight group, and a smoker’s group?


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  1. paulinita Says:

    your blog is great, why did you stop writting?

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