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Vanity Sizing? July 8, 2007

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Vanity Sizing: Clothing Labels Lie!

We’re all familiar with it. At one store we wear size X in jeans, and at another store we wear 2 sizes smaller! Are we really smaller than we thought, or larger than we thought? Why can’t there be standard sizes for women? Well don’t expect that to happen anytime soon…

The competitors in the fashion industry have been making clothes larger, but marking them sizes smaller! Why? Its psychological and self-esteem benefits of the consumer, lead to monetary benefits for the seller! Wearing a size or two smaller than we expect usually causes an instant “high” that causes us to go straight to the cash register for purchase. Whereas, if we end up struggling trying on clothing that’s too small, or those that fit posess a tag with a number too high for us to swallow, our shopping experience makes us upset, depressed, and we end up buying very little, if anything at all. You know the strategy works! It’s much like the ideal that many dressing rooms are now posessing mirrors that stretch you vertically, making you appear more slender than you really are, resulting in purchases you otherwise may have not made.

More information on this article by Kristina Maury here.


One Response to “Vanity Sizing?”

  1. Kathy Perry Says:

    I think that it is best just to pick an ideal look that you want, then try on a couple of pieces. If the mirrors are not showing an accurate reflection, go by how it feels. I’m not sure if this works for everyone, but I always pull the top of the skirt forward, if there is space the skirt or pants always work. I also turn at an angle to check behind. If nothing of mine (bootylicious bottom) is out, I purchase it. It has never failed. Clingy clothes that don’t let you move, breathe, or walk properly don’t look right. I never need a mirror for that. I never give myself a number for a size. I call it a range. I am so good at this now that I can tell how clothes will fit according to how it is cut. Companies can play all the games they want, but I know what looks and feels good on me. I’m a Diva!!!!

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