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Alli, the new FDA approved OTC weightloss pill…is it really your ally or foe? June 29, 2007

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I’m sure you’ve all seen the commercials and news feed on Alli by now. Yes the “only FDA approved over the counter weight-loss pill.” But does this really mean it’s safe and right for you?

First of all, Alli is NOT a new weight-loss product. In fact, Alli is simply the brand name for Xenical (orlistat). It has been available by prescription since 1999.

So what does it do exactly? Well it blocks your body from storing about 30% of the fat from a meal…so where does the fat go? Yeah you guessed right…straight through you! Which can make using the restroom a rather uncomfortable experience. And Alli certainly warns you of this. The enclosed booklet suggests that you wear dark pants and bring an extra pair of underwear with you (wherever that may be) just in case of an “accident” while your body adjusts to the pill, as sometimes you may have little control over your bowel movements.

As a result, in addition to using Alli, Alli obviously suggests to reduce your fat intake (which is VERY important to follow to avoid uncontrollable bowel movements while taking the product!), and to follow an exercise regime recommended by your doctor.

So what are the actual results? Alli is claimed to be able to help you lose about 50% more weight than dieting and exercise alone (which seems low considering the obnoxious commercials for other weight-loss products claiming to help you lose 400-500% more weight than dieting and exercise alone.)

So why is the once prescription medication made for over the counter? Well as with most prescriptions becoming OTC products, the prescription pill had 120 milligrams of active ingredient, where as the OTC version has half that, at 60 milligrams of active ingredient. And guess what? Some doctors are as a result NOT in support for the OTC Alli product, claiming it’s effectiveness is not worth noting at 60 milligrams, resulting in 5 lbs of weightloss in a years time for some patients….however others are saying that it’s 80% as effective as the original prescription of 120 milligrams. Always the battle of doctors for and doctors against….

How much does it cost? For a 60 capsule bottle, it’s going to run you about $50. You are supposed to take 2 capsules before each meal, which basically translates into spending $2.50 everyday for use of the product.

Only you and your doctor can help decide if it’s right for you. You can also visit Alli’s Official Website Here, which can help answer further questions you may have, and see if it’s potentially safe for you personally.


One Response to “Alli, the new FDA approved OTC weightloss pill…is it really your ally or foe?”

  1. Aurora Says:

    Only one pill with each meal not two for the OTC 60mg Alli. Otherwise it is still only one pill with each meal (up to 3x a day) for prescription 120mg Xenical.

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