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Get Bitten…by Sara Jessica Parker…yum! June 8, 2007

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I’ve always adored SJP…from her wild and frizzy hair of the 80’s, to Carrie in Sex and the City. Plus it helps I adore her husband as well :). Anyways, I’ve now got an excuse to adore her even MORE!

She’s thoughtfully designed a clothing line for Steve & Barry’s stores. They target college-aged persons, and have very affordable and fashionable clothes…

And the new SJP line “Bitten” brings the same affordability and fashion. Everything, yes EVERYTHING is priced $20 or less!! This includes dresses, jeans, jackets…under $20!!! And the clothing is actually good quality. The clothing line is designed for “every woman” including plus size. They will be carrying up to size 22 (not sure of what the measurements are yet!), and SJP herself has said that size and shape has been carefully considered in the design of the clothes…for example, if one style shirt would only look good on one kind of body, it was not allowed in the clothing line.

You can see a preivew of the line here. It’s very comfortable, yet fashionable clothing, everything SJP would wear “off the red carpet.”

It’s exclusively found at Steve & Barry’s retail stores. (They do NOT offer a catalog or online store stating since they’re new, they are putting all their dedication in their retail stores.)

Happy shopping :)!


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