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Fat Rant June 4, 2007

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This woman speaks the complete truth! And also supports the view that fat is NOT a dirty word!  She is developing a site that is not yet live…but it’s:



3 Responses to “Fat Rant”

  1. craig scharning Says:


    Saw you on Fox…You are a Fox..in days of old women your size was Normal!!!!.True womans body…Keep up the great work..I think a calendar in bathing suits of Normal sized women should be done..I’ll help finance it,,no joke..

    Takecare your gorgous…

    Craig Scharning

  2. […] A Coming out as Fat Pamphlet…as told by FatRantBlog September 30, 2007 Filed under: Articles, Websites — FattieGossip @ 6:15 pm This is from a post on the FatRantBlog written by none other than the beautiful woman on the youtube… […]

  3. mally Says:

    YOU ARE WASOME!!!!!!!!!!

    where i come from they would say that you the badest bitch!!!! i have been dieing to do something like this but i havent had the time or equipment. now that i do watch out! you are my inspiration!

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