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Photography May 23, 2007

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The following links provide galleries of beautiful photography surrounding the plus-sized woman. They’re very artistic, but some may be interpreted as erotic.

Rubens Art

is a German website with many beautiful galleries, and is on the erotic side.


Women En Large


A gallery by photographer Laurie Toby Edison (and includes nudes). The 41 pictures gallery is available in print. The book also includes text by Debbie Notkin and discusses issues of fat opression and fat celebration.


Full Body Project

In case you haven’t heard yet, the famed Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy is also a photographer. He admits to having a particular love for larger women and has put together a gallery of beautiful nudes.



Made To Measure

Photography by Les Delano…an interesting collection of photos in which every model displays their body measurements on a white tank top. The women vary in height and weight, and express their acceptance of themselves.


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