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Online Diet Plan and Support May 19, 2007

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Most online diet plans, menus, and support, require paid subscription these days, or for free memberships you are very limited to what features you have acces to. Well here is one of the BEST sites and it’s 100% FREE!


First of all, they offer 2 different kinds of programs…weightloss, or simply healthy lifestyle. I signed up for weightloss and this is what I went through…

1.) They ask for your height/weight, and let you know how you rank on the BMI scale. You also type in your goal weight, and a date in which you’d like to acheive it by. They recommended I lose 50lbs over the course of one complete year, but you can type in whatever you’d like.

2.) You then choose your meal plan preferences (i.e. vegetarian, no eggs, low cholesrorol) and any health conditions you have (i.e. high blood pressure, depression, insomnia) in which they state they’ll offer you extra resources for improving such conditions.

3.) You then come to a page for your “Fast Break Goals” (stage 1 of the program…see number 7, for more information on stages). You are choosing small steps you’d like to take to begin your program, such as no longer drinking soda, walking 10 minutes a day, writing in a journal, etc.

4.) You can then decide to join specific groups or teams for support. Such as age groups, how much weight to lose, mothers, yoga lovers, etc.

5.) You have the option of creating a personal profile page (age, location, pictures, etc.) It’s not a requirement, and you can limit what is or is not shared to the public, or it can be made private.

6.) Considering your weight loss goal, they offer how many calories are ideal for you to consume each day, and how many calories are ideal for you to burn each week. You can change the recommended amounts if you’d like.

7.) There are 4 diet stages in this plan:

Fast Break: Weeks 1-2…. a springboard that gives more power to the other SparkDiet Stages. Just a little prep and practice give you a head start without the need for manic, life-altering changes. You’ll choose and focus on three small, simple goals that will help you get off to a good start without overwhelming you. Meanwhile, you’ll learn six strategies that will set you up
for success.

Healthy Diet Habits: Weeks 3-8…Healthy Diet Habits help you chisel away at the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle. These are six simple changes you can make in your life that really add up to something special. If you pick up these six habits – and if they stick around – we can almost guarantee that you’ll reach your goals. You’ll also accelerate your weight loss during this stage by regularly using the meal planner and nutrition tracker, tools that help you build a healthy lifestyle the right way.

Lifestyle Change: Weeks 9-18…Stage 3 bridges the gap from dieting to healthy lifestyle and gets you ready to spread the “spark” to other people. The Lifestyle Change gives you a chance to learn to live with your collection of new habits. Even more importantly, it also teaches you how to stay motivated and consistent. Persistent self-motivation is the key to keeping momentum alive and making it different this time

Spread the Spark: Weeks 18+…This is the culmination of weeks of hard work. In this stage, we’ll help you max out your weight loss success and put it to good use as a positive force for your loved ones and community. You can draw on everything you’ve done up till now to reach your goals and dreams, and to help others do the same. You can do whatever you put your mind to!

As you can see, this site isn’t about offering you a bunch of garbage in losing 30lbs in 30 days, or helping you stick to a short-term diet for temporary weightloss, to only gain it back. It’s about LIFESTYLE changes, which is the ONLY way to lose weight and keep it off, and not be miserable!

8.) Nutrition Tracker: They offer specific meal plans (and snacks!), in which you can edit at any time with adding or removing certain foods to your liking, as well as FULL recipes for great foods! The nutrition tracker allows you to check off what you’ve consumed that day, and break it down into calories, carbs, fat, and protein. You can then see how you’re doing for the week, in consuming the right amounts of food and nutrition.

9.) Fitness Tracker: They assign you certain days for strength training and cardiovascular exercises. You enter in how much time you spent doing the exercises and it calculates how many calories you’ve burned. You can always change what days you do what exercises.

They list for you specific exercises and specific instructions how to perform these exercises. They also offer beginner and advanced categories, as well as upper-body and lower-body categories. The strength training exercises are all done on a mat, or with an exercise ball, so no expensive or heavy duty equipment is required. Of course you can do whatever exercises you’d like, and enter in named exercises and calories burned manually if you’d like.

They also offer FREE COMPLETE exercise videos on the site!

10.) Weigh-in and Measurements: You can track weight lost, and inches lost.

11.) Reports: They offer charts for calories consumed, calories burned, and weigh-ins.

12.) Planner: They offer a calendar planner for whatever you’d like…birthday reminders, journal entry, etc.

13.) SparkMail: They have an inclusive e-mail system on the site. This way other memerbs can contact you (if you allow them to) without you having to give out a personal e-mail address.

14.) Community: Many different message boards and groups, to ask questions, vent, offer advice, share stories, and seek support. They also have certified nutritionists and dr.s to ask for expert advice.

15.) Spark Points: They offer ways to earn points and “trophies” for viewing information on the site, and tracking your progress.

PLEASE, let me stress again it’s FREE, and one of the BEST sites I’ve found for support and tracking weightloss progress. The site has it all! I encourage you to join, whether you have weightloss goals, or just want to become healthy!


One Response to “Online Diet Plan and Support”

  1. SparkGuy Says:


    Someone forwarded your blog post to me, I had to stop by and thank you for your thorough review of SparkPeople. You hit the most important point – that we believe in a healthy lifestyle change that will stick. We’re committed to continually improving the site to help more people.

    Have fun on your healthy lifestyle adventure!

    SparkPeople Founder/CEO

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