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True Love (and other lies) May 18, 2007

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 true love

True Love (and other lies) is also in the chick-lit genre, written by Whitney Gaskell. Here we find travel writer Claire Spencer, who’s given up on the idea of love and fairytale romance, falling for the sexy man named Jack sitting next to her on a plane ride to London.  Jack asks her out, and Claire  is determined to answer the question, “what’s the catch?” unable to accept someone so handsome would ask a plus-size woman out.

While in London for a traveling article, Claire makes sure to take advanatage of the trip visiting her oh-so-perfect and beautiful best friend Maddy. Claire visits Maddy, only to find out that she’s for the first time experiencing heart break. The story becomes addicting as we soon find out, Maddy’s recent dumper, is none other than Jack, the man who asked out Claire while on the plane. Does Claire continue to see Jack, the man of her dreams, or resist betraying her best friend?


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