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Jemima J: A Novel about Ugly Ducklings and Swans May 18, 2007

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Jemima J: A Novel About Ugle Ducklings and Swans written by Jane Green, is about an unhappy, dissatisfied overweight woman, whose weight seems to prevent her from getting the deserving promotion, and getting the date with the man she’s crushing on. Jemima decides to join an online dating site in hopes of love, where she provides a doctored “skinny” photo (encouraged to do so by her “friend”) to hunky LA gym owner Brad. She begins on her makeover venture with strict dieting, joining a gym, becoming blonde, and meeting Brad…

The thing about this novel is that it’s chock full of stereotypes and discrimination. The novel pushes on us, that we are to be sympathetic for fat Jemima, and hate the beautiful skinny people in the book. Then, we see Jemima have a transformation outside, and now her life is all of the sudden falling into place being that she’s skinny and beautiful. Meanwhile, the transformation of her inside is severely lacking. Instead of seeing a woman who is motivated to improve her self-image and self-love, we see a woman falling victim to society’s ideal of beauty…

Anyone read this novel? What are your thoughts?


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