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Interested in modeling? Be interested in Venus Imaging! May 18, 2007

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Venus IMagaing

Venus Imaging is a nothing less than FABULOUS site for any overweight woman. It’s actually (for me personally) the BEST resource for those interested in plus-size modeling. They offer realistic advice and standards needed to be a plus-size model. Though this is how the site and company started out, they’ve grown to be much more.

They now have their own magazine, named Venus Divas, addressing modeling, dating, events, contests, and fashion for the plus-size woman. They continue to have modeling contests as well. I encourage you to join for free, so you can get involved with the blogs and forums.

They also produce Plus , a magazine strictly dedicated to plus modeling worth checking out!

Plus Magazine


One Response to “Interested in modeling? Be interested in Venus Imaging!”

  1. Coco Says:

    Great magazine cover! This is one of the nicest examples of real woman as sex symbol I’ve seen is a while. Where do you get a copy?

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