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Good In Bed (the book!) May 18, 2007

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 Good in Bed

Good in Bed is a chick-lit written by Jennifer Weiner (author of In Her Shoes, turned movie starring Cameron Diaz), with a fiesty and humorous full-figured protagonist.

The story surrounds 28 year old protagonist Cannie taking a break from her boyfriend misinterpreted as a complete break-up, who becomes the author of the “Good in Bed” column for a women’s magazine. To the shock and humilition of Cannie, the column is about their past relationship and how “Loving a larger woman is an act of courage in our world.” We follow Cannie’s ability to deal with issues such as her mother coming out as a lesbian, body image, moving forward in her career, and maturing into a woman.

The writing is witty, light, and funny, and Cannie is created as someone we can realistically connect with and relate to. Definitely a great read!


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  1. […] I’m bias or anything, but the fact that another of my favorite author’s, being that of Jennifer Weiner who wrote Good in Bed  , praises her work, is all the more reason for you to check her out and quickly realize […]

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